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Endorsements for The Walkabout Chronicles


“The history of walking and writing is almost as old as culture: every step is a story, and every path tells. This marvelous collection adds a new mile to the written way, a new stride to the literature of the leg.”
-Robert Macfarlane, author of The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot

This book is quite an undertaking and only my friends Tor and Siffy could have pulled off such an adventure extravaganza. Whether you’re a serious long distance trekker, a weekend rambler, a fellow pilgrim, or never get further than your sofa, this compilation is bound to fuel your wanderlust.
Brandon Wilson, author Yak Butter Blues

The Walkabout Chronicles-“It is likely to become a classic of the genre as this group of explorers and authors will most likely never be together again.” James Dorsey

It all changes, everything, and walking illustrates that elemental condition of our lives. Nothing else so completely clears our minds or lays bare the soul of place. This monumental book, full of graceful prose by writers and explorers, walks us through the familiar, the unfamiliar and downright strange. Highly recommended ~ Tim Cahill